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Episode 62:

Mental Fitness and Performance

Chance Potts


The Upstream Leader’s Heath Alloway and Chance Potts, Founder of Employee Benefit Design, roll up their sleeves to tackle how mental fitness can help us function at our best level, no matter the circumstances. This approach includes recognizing how we naturally approach challenges, discomfort, and negativity and ways to rewire our thought processes to embrace the challenges we face in our lives and careers.

About the Guest

Chance Potts is the Founder of Employee Benefit Design and One More Benefit. He continually pushes himself and others to unlock their full potential and know their true worth. In the past few years, Chance shifted his focus to helping others grow their businesses more effectively through growing their leadership and their people.

Chance lives with a foundation of faith and prioritizes lifelong learning and serving others. One of his favorite quote is, “Although you cannot go back and have a brand new start my friend, anyone can start today and have a brand new end.” John Maxwell

Highlights / Transcript

In this episode we discuss:
  • The importance of followship as it relates to leadership
  • How to reframe challenges in our minds to embrace discomfort to reach our full potential
  • The compounding impact of investing 1% of your day to improve your mindset
  • How great culture and average benefits will increase retention more than great benefits and bad culture
  • A shift in mindset to proactive instead of reactive with employee benefits and health



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