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Heath Alloway


Heath’s unique skillset helps clients thrive no matter the business climate. Driven by a passion for helping others, he works closely with profession leaders to position firms for success through people development, strategic growth, and positive change. He is a popular coach and speaker for firm and conference presentations.

Before joining Upstream Academy, Heath spent over a decade in a unique role in one of the top accounting firms in the US. In this role, he ran a firm-wide business development training program and led a multi-disciplinary team of 20, focusing on strategic plan development and implementation, and development and launch of new services and industry verticals.

His leadership style has been influenced by numerous past and present profession leaders. His mission is to share experiences and lessons learned to help people, firms, and our profession achieve meaningful goals.

Heath grew up in a small town and a family-owned business where his entrepreneurial mindset originated. In their spare time, he and his wife, Emily, are avid sports fans for their two children. He often refers to his two precious kids as his innovation team because they generate many ideas that require help or intervention.

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