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Consultation Services

Our goal is inspire and motivate your participants to commit to actionable steps toward improving their careers and their firms.  Our facilitators are able to speak on a wide range of subjects and will work with you prior to the session to ensure that the message is on target for your group.

Meet Our Advisors

Jeremy Clopton

Director At Upstream Academy

Heath Alloway

Director At Upstream Academy

Retreat Facilitation

A successful partner retreat produces lasting, meaningful change.  Upstream Academy offers a unique approach to partner retreats to ensure that goals set become goals accomplished.

Working with firms across the US and Canada, our skilled facilitators understand the biggest challenges facing today’s firms. During a one or two day retreat we’ll help you build firm unity, get to the heart of difficult problems and implement processes to make a positive impact on the firm.

Our Approach

Through a combination of conference calls with firm leaders, surveys of participants and years of experience handling even the most highly charged topics, our skilled facilitators craft a customized agenda to address the issues most vital to your firm.

Read an article that explains our retreat philosophy.


Your Satisfaction Is Our Goal

As with all Upstream Academy services, your satisfaction with our facilitation of your retreat is guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied, we will either refund your money or accept the portion of those fees that that reflects your level of satisfaction.

Speaking Engagements

If you’d ever been in charge of a conference or retreat, you know how important it is for speakers to engage participants and provide lasting value.

With a keen grasp of today’s issues and the sharp sense of reality only real-firm experience can bring, our speakers captivate audiences by sharing timeless principles and proven processes for success.

Sample Topics

Our goal is to inspire and motivate participants to take actionable steps to improve firm performance and advance their careers.

Here are just a few examples of topics our speakers address:

  • Exceptional Client Service
  • Business Development
  • Using Time, Energy and Focus Wisely
  • Maximizing Strengths and Minimizing Weaknesses
  • Networking
  • Managing Change
  • Leadership Development
  • Strategy
  • Becoming a High Performance Firm
  • Using Data Analytics
  • Transitioning Work
  • Transitioning Clients
  • Succession Planning
  • People Development
  • Innovation
  • Engaging Your People
  • Effective Delegation
  • Effective Coaching
  • Recruiting and Retaining the Best
  • World Class Training
  • Ten Barriers to Leadership
  • Rating and Managing Clients
  • Keys to Successful Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Launching New Services
  • Creating a Culture of Self-Accountability
  • Building Firm Culture
  • Creating and Sharing a Firm Vision
  • Partner Compensation
  • Partner Standards
  • Rating and Screen Clients
  • Driving Your Own Career
  • Building a Positive Culture

Contact Us

To learn more about scheduling our retreat facilitation services or speakers for your event, please contact Georgia Cummings at or call 406-495-1850.