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Episode 33:

Path to Partner: Unraveling the Mystery

Melissa Biron and Ryan Hurst


The Upstream Leader’s Heath Alloway has a conversation with Melissa Biron, Principal at Nathan Wechsler and Company, and Ryan Hurst, Partner at RKL, to share their unique experiences and lessons learned on their path to partner. Both guests shared the importance of soliciting input and providing transparency to those that may have similar questions as they did earlier in their careers.

About the Guest

About Melissa
Melissa leads teams on attestation engagements, ensuring that engagement objectives are met and client expectations are exceeded. Her ability to quickly understand complex issues and design effective approaches to address them have put her in high demand with both clients and co-workers.

About Ryan
Growing up in a family owned business household gave Ryan Hurst a firsthand appreciation for the hard work involved in running a successful company. Over the course of his 18-year career, this perspective proved valuable as Ryan carved out a professional niche of helping owners identify their vision for the future of their businesses and translating that vision into reality.
Melissa Biron and Ryan Hurst

Highlights / Transcript

  • The importance of firm professionals understanding what it means and what it takes to become a partner.
  • How input and transparency can positively impact retention challenges.
  • The danger of soliciting team feedback and not taking action.
  • How to evaluate feedback and identify ways to positively impact firm culture and professionals.
  • Advice for firms with the goal of transparency on the path to partner.



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