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Episode 31:

Purpose-Driven Leadership

Jeremy Johnson


The Upstream Leader’s Heath Alloway talks with Jeremy Johnson, the lead pastor at North Point Church, on defining and finding purpose-driven leadership. It is easy to get confused on the quest for significance if you focus on your own agenda. Jeremy shares how he found purpose in refocusing everything from the inside to help someone in need.

About the Guest

Jeremy and Leanne joined the team at North Point in 2012. They have two daughters who have their mom’s beauty and their dad’s last name. Leanne can most likely be found at one of our church lobbies talking to as many people as possible. Jeremy can most likely be found at one of our local Waffle Houses, making it a Waffle Home. They love the opportunity to create a safe place for people to find and follow Jesus.

Highlights / Transcript

  • The importance of finding purpose instead of following a pursuit.
  • How fulfillment will lead to happiness chasing us instead of us chasing happiness, we may never catch.
  • That a calling is “WHY” you do something, and a career is what you do.
  • Impactful conversations are more like playing catch with Play-Doh instead of a ball.
  • How connection will win over competence.Jake’s leadership journey



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