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The Power of Positive Teams

Building a positive, people-first culture can help you tell (and create) a different story: that the best is yet to come for our profession and your firm.

The Power of Positive Teams

Many firms are feeling the pressure caused by fewer people entering the profession, increasing competition for talent, a less connected remote workforce, and the culture-stressors from the current merger-mania. As a lack of connection deteriorates team culture and engagement, remaining positive and avoiding the doom-and-gloom forecasts for our profession can be challenging.

The Power of Positive Teams is a four-part webinar series for your firm leadership team focused on helping you build a stronger, more united, and connected team culture fueled by a shared vision and purpose. Heath will use proven principles, shared strategies, and best practices to help you build great teams.


Each hour-long session will start at 12noon Mountain (2pm Eastern) and focus on a separate firm aspect.  For $1,400 ($1,190 for UAN), your firm gets access to both the live webinar and the recorded sessions for one year. 

The Power of the Positive: No One Creates Success Alone (November 1)

Studies suggest  human thought processes naturally focus on negatives, but negativity is detrimental to team cohesion and trust. While an individual is unlikely to create success alone, one negative individual can surely single-handedly sabotage it. Luckily, positivity can be a choice. So how can you help your firm consistently choose to create positive teams, who see potential in adversity and believe the best is yet to come – allowing them to create the positive outcomes they envision?

  • Establish the foundation for a strong team culture
  • Recognize that a team can achieve greater success than any one individual
  • Weed the negativity and feed the positivity
  • Utilize positivity to overcome challenges
Positive Culture: Turning Your Vision, Mission, and Purpose into Action (November 2)

When individuals don’t see purpose in their work, engagement goes down, stress and burnout increase, and retention suffers. A positive, purpose-driven culture forms the foundation for setting expectations, driving behaviors and guiding future success. Most firms have core values and a mission statement, but these statements mean nothing if daily actions don’t align. So how do you help your team see beyond the words and actually live the vision, so they can feel purpose and value in what they do?

  • Understand culture doesn’t live in statements, but in everything the team does
  • Ask strategic questions to discover what the team wants to achieve
  • Understand how daily efforts and responsibilities impact the team’s overall success
  • Take a good team culture to great
Positive Conflict: Transform and Remove Negativity (November 15)

Too often teams avoid conflict. Disagreeing can be uncomfortable, so people decide that dealing with a less-than-ideal situation is preferable to addressing conflict head-on. But, handling conflict openly, honestly and professionally not only ensures everyone feels heard, but helps your team continuously improve. So, how can you change the mindset that conflict is bad and should be avoided? Every team has issues. How you handle them makes or breaks the culture.

  • Address negativity and embrace conflict to transform it
  • Recognize how your attitude about conflict affects your team
  • Create a culture of trust for more impactful conversations
  • Educate team members on the importance of receiving feedback and taking action
Positive Change: Communicate, Connect, Commit, and Care (November 16)
When experiencing success, firms often ignore team culture issues and mission drift. These problems can unexpectedly surface and grow, during firm challenges. Creating a strong, positive team culture isn’t easy, but positive teams use positive discontent and strive to get better, no matter the situation. Thriving during a challenge takes planning, a coordinated approach, accountability, and a shared belief you have the team’s best interests at heart. Let’s discuss how to communicate, connect, commit, and care to empower your teams.
  • Create a team culture with a relentless passion for constant improvement
  • Enhance team grit and resilience
  • Build long-lasting and meaningful team relationships
  • Develop a team culture that others want to join

Additional Information

Who Should Register?

The program is ideal for firm leadership teams who want to create more positive teams for small groups or for the firm as a whole.

What is the cost?

Unlimited firm members can attend for the price of $1,400 (UAN Member Firms pay $1,190)  REGISTER

Unconditional Guarantee

We’re confident that the Power of Positive Teams will be of immeasurable value to you. Like everything we do at Upstream Academy, this program is unconditionally guaranteed to your full satisfaction. If you’re not completely satisfied, we will, at your option, either waive your fee or accept that portion of the fee that reflects your level of satisfaction.

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