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Episode 60:

Changing the Industry While Maintaining Sanity

Jason Staats


In this episode, The Upstream Leader’s Jeremy Clopton interviews Jason Staats, the founder of Realize, a community of accounting firm leaders. They discuss the journey of becoming a leader and the importance of building a community and professional network. They also explore the need for change in the accounting industry and the role of AI and technology in transforming firms. Jason emphasizes the value of time and delegation and the importance of balancing work and life. They conclude by discussing the need for improved processes and systems and the importance of trust and delegation in a firm.

About the Guest

Until last year Jason ran an accounting and tax firm in Oregon, and now runs Realize, an online community for accounting firm owners. In 2020 Jason began producing video content from his garage. He now runs a YouTube channel for accounting firm owners, and has produced commercials for companies like LinkedIn and Zapier. In 2023 Jason launched a daily show for accountants named Jason Daily. When he isn’t tweeting, producing or writing, he’s spending time with his wife and three young kids.

Highlights / Transcript

In this episode we discuss:
  • Building a community and professional network is essential for personal and professional growth
  • The accounting industry must embrace change and adopt AI and technology to transform firms
  • Valuing time and delegating tasks are crucial for balancing life, work, and personal well-being
  • Improving processes and systems is necessary to leverage AI and technology in accounting firms effectively



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