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Episode 57:

Data Driven Decisions

Tim Moy and Dirk Shimpach


The Upstream Leader’s Heath Alloway catches up with Tim Moy from MBE CPAs and Dirk Shimpach from goVirtualOffice to discuss the relationship between an ERP system and firm data to guide critical decisions and results, resource planning, and helping team members become better professionals.

About the Guest

Tim Moy is the Managing Partner of MBE CPAs. In his role, not only does he direct the firm, he also plays a fundamental part in advising business clients to achieve success. Through accounting and tax strategy, but also life experience he is able to help people, and helping people is what feeds his passion to all of those he impacts. Tim says, his personal mission is “To be my client’s most trusted advisor”. My clients count on me and our MBE professional family for assisting with planning and execution to achieve their goals.

Dirk Shimpach is the Partner and Founder of goVirtualOffice. He is also Director of Product Development for PracticeERP. As a former Controller, Financial Analyst and CPA, Dirk spent over a decade in business management roles. This allows him to quickly understand opportunities for improvement across all business departments from sales and marketing to finance and operations. He has over 20 years in CRM, ERP and Accounting software.

Highlights / Transcript

In this episode we discuss:
  • How the CEO leadership mentality accelerates key firm decisions
  • Data’s role in developing better professionals in a remote environment
  • Common data hurdles and the impact on firm processes
  • The power of leverage
  • Effective planning for capacity and scheduling



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