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Episode 50:

From Adversity to Opportunity

Justin Grant


The Upstream Leader’s Jeremy Clopton talks with Justin Grant, Founder of Professional Productions, about turning adversity into opportunity. In a conversation that covers many life experiences, Jeremy and Justin tackle topics including mental health challenges, support, and what leaders can do to overcome challenges and create opportunities for themselves.

About the Guest

Justin Grant is the founder of Professional Productions, which provides bespoke, high-ROI podcasting services to busy professionals. A podcast producer and audiobook narrator with over 25 years’ experience, Justin has overseen the launch and production of more than a dozen podcasts.

He served as company director for a UK podcasting company from 2021-2022, before founding Professional Productions. Justin graduated from the Arizona State University College of Law in 2012 and passed the Arizona bar exam, then earned a Master’s at the University of Edinburgh Law School in 2019. His wide-ranging expertise includes other forms of digital media and marketing.

Highlights / Transcript

In this episode we discuss:
  • Mental health challenges and how support of others plays a role in success
  • Pivoting from one career path to one of entrepreneurism
  • How to look at adversity through multiple lenses and seek opportunity



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