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Episode 49:

Leading from the Middle: The Manager's Perspective

Alyssa Taylor and Eric Tuffnail


The Upstream Leader’s Heath Alloway talks with Alyssa Taylor, a manager at Windes, and Eric Tuffnail, a manager at RLB, to gain valuable insight into their leadership journey. They share personal experiences and advice about the importance of the manager role, lessons learned, and how partners can prepare the next generation of leaders.

About the Guest

Eric Tuffnail gets pumped up for work every day by helping serve our clients to the best of his abilities. In addition to that, he enjoys working with junior staff members with questions they have and helping them progress in their own careers. That was what made public accounting an easy choice for him and why he is a perfect fit for RLB. With accountant parents (a CFO and CMA) he was inspired to follow in their footprints. “My mom was actually writing her CPA exams while pregnant with me. So, you could say I was introduced to accounting at a very young age,” Eric jokes.

Alyssa Taylor joined Windes in 2016 and is a manager in the firm’s Tax department. She focuses on tax planning and consulting for large, mid-size, and small businesses, as well as tax compliance for corporations, partnerships, and individuals. Alyssa serves a wide variety of clients in the real estate, healthcare, professional services, and high-net-worth individual clients. She is committed to staff development and participates in firm committees to advance the Tax department.

Highlights / Transcript

In this episode we discuss:
  • Hurdles and opportunities experienced as a manager
  • Why they embrace delegation, although they’ve encountered challenges
  • Career path and purpose increase motivation
  • How to be a change agent during constant change
  • Coaching insight for partners to develop future leaders
  • Reasons the future of the public accounting profession is exciting



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