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Episode 41:

Recruiting the Next Generation in Your Firm

Parker Pell


The Upstream Leader Podcast’s Jeremy Clopton talks with Parker Pell, co-founder at Abode, about recruiting the next generation of talent. The conversation explores the challenge that firms face in recruiting and retention, which is more foundational than many believe. The discussion also includes what Gen Z is looking for in an employer, how to connect with prospective employees before they sign on, and the importance of communication throughout the recruiting process.

About the Guest

Parker Pell is a co-founder at Abode (formerly Scholars), an early-career talent engagement plaKorm used by talent acquisition teams to prevent turnover. Parker’s been in the Campus Recruiting industry for over five years and specializes in understanding the expectations that Gen Z has for employers when choosing their employer of choice. His goal is to bring a fresh perspective to all firms he talks to with the hopes their campus recruiting strategy is delivering a top-notch candidate experience.

Highlights / Transcript

In this episode we discuss:
  • The unspoken challenge in recruiting and retention.
  • How the pandemic changed the recruiting landscape for employers and prospective employees.
  • Rethinking the role of early career experiences and internships.
  • The recruiting journey and who is responsible for reshaping that journey.



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