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Episode 35:

Meaningful Change within a Career and Firm

Josh Tyree


The Upstream Leader’s Heath Alloway catches up with Josh Tyree, Partner and CEO at Harris CPAs, to learn more about his transition to firm CEO and approach to driving meaningful change. Once you acknowledge we live in constant flux, change becomes a proactive responsibility for continuous improvement.

About the Guest

Josh’s public accounting experience began at a large national firm, where he specialized in audit and assurance, tax, and internal controls. He joined Harris in 2008 and has continued to provide audit and assurance, tax, and business consulting services to organizations in the construction and engineering, nonprofit and government, real estate, and technology industries. Josh’s goal is first and foremost to help his clients understand their numbers, to address issues and opportunities as they arise, and to make informed decisions. Josh truly believes that successes is only bred through genuine and trusting relationships, something he strives to build with each and every one of his clients.

Josh has long been a go-getter. He started a lawn mowing company in middle school, held a paper route from 5th grade until the day he graduated from high school, played varsity basketball and ran track for the Capital Eagles here in the Treasure Valley. He left for college and enjoyed travels to places like Italy’s Cinque Terra and Bora Bora, to name a few. These days, when weather permits, you’ll find Josh navigating Idaho’s many rivers with his family, friends, and his AIRE raft. Josh also now has two boys and is active in coaching youth sports year round. Josh is that person who reads the types of books many people think they should read (but never do): The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni, Start with Why by Simon Sinek, and Leadership and Self-Deception by the Arbinger Institute.

Highlights / Transcript

In this episode we discuss:
  • A life-changing event’s impact on your approach to working with others.
  • How aligning change with vision, value, and purpose makes it much more meaningful.
  • The element of fear and expectations as a CEO.
  • How success is not always the result of what you expect to achieve.
  • A one-firm approach to overcome the most significant barrier of change – people.
  • The belief that anyone in a firm can be a leader.



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