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Episode 30:

The Topic of Time: Focus on Progress, Not Perfection

Jeremy Clopton and Heath Alloway


The Upstream Leader Podcast’s Heath Alloway and Jeremy Clopton talk about the concept of time and the importance of creating space to work on the business and ourselves. Investing the time can be a challenge when “busy” is viewed as a status. When you get out of “busy” you have an opportunity to create a firm, career, and life you desire.

About the Guest

Jeremy Clopton and Heath Alloway are your hosts for The Upstream Leader Podcast.
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Highlights / Transcript

  • The importance of getting out of “busy mode” to create time for boredom.
  • That multitasking is not real and keeps you from being present.
  • You may be more in control of your time than you think.
  • How self-reflection can guide progress and not perfection.


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