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Episode 28:

Human Resources: More than a Place for Problems

Sara Choate


The Upstream Leader Podcast’s Heath Alloway talks with Sara Choate, the managing director of KPM’s Human Capital Solutions practice. Sara shares her story and a splash of humor to debunk frequent HR misconceptions, how HR can play a strategic role within a firm, and how those exact solutions can benefit firm clients. 

About the Guest

Sara Choate previously led KPM’s human resources team and transitioned to the managing director of KPM’s Human Capital Solutions practice. Sara’s practice emphasis is employee retention and recruiting, performance management, employee engagement, strengths training, and benefits administration. Her signature strengths are strategic, maximizer, adaptability, activator, and ideation. Sara has more than 15 years of experience in the public accounting profession.

Highlights / Transcript

  • How to incorporate human resources into the strategic vision of a firm
  • What to do when you don’t have a clear career path
  • The power of investing in building meaningful relationships
  • Transitioning from an internally focused role to serving clients



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