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Episode 42:

Finding Fulfillment in Work and Life

Jonathan Clark


The Upstream Leader Podcast’s Jeremy Clopton talks with Jonathan Clark, partner at RKL, about managing stress and keeping our joy daily. Given the prevalence of burnout, overwhelm, and stress in the profession, this topic is focused on how we can make improvements at an individual level. The conversation ranges from stories from Jonathan’s career to actionable steps individuals at all levels can take to manage stress, improve mindset, and find the joy in work and outside of work as well.

About the Guest

Jonathan Clark has been on the financial front lines with business leaders for over a decade, helping them navigate a complex tax landscape and seize opportunities for enhanced profitability.

A Partner in RKL’s Tax Services Group, Jonathan provides strategic tax planning and compliance solutions to privately held businesses and their owners, including family owned, management owned and private equity owned enterprises. He applies his specialized tax expertise to develop strategies for minimizing tax liabilities, evaluating tax consequences of alternative business decisions and frequently consults with businesses undergoing structural changes or complex transactions like mergers, acquisitions and sales.

Jonathan also has extensive experience leading teams delivering outsourced tax services to multinational corporations. Whether it is assistance meeting a tax compliance deadline, accounting for income taxes, a special project or a fully outsourced corporate tax function, Jonathan immerses himself in his client’s business structure and integrates seamlessly with its finance and leadership teams.

Jonathan’s ability to distill abstract financial concepts into real-world impact on operations has earned him the respect and trust of clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic and beyond.

Highlights / Transcript

In this episode we discuss:
  • How to focus on managing the stress of the hours, rather than the hours worked.
  • The importance of changing your mindset and taking more control for your situation.
  • Intentionally cultivating space for things outside of work for rejuvenation.
  • The importance of leaders modeling behaviors, rather than just talking about them.



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